“Strangely poetic, but with the quiet simplicity of a Zen koan.” 
Tracy Mobley-Martinez 
The Gazette, Mar. ’09
Holly Parker MFA 
Artist | Independent Curator
Battlefields, extreme weather, used-motor-oil and dirt become key elements to examine our relationship to nature within the body of work Active Ingredients. Comprised of paintings, sculptures, photography and video, the work alternates between pure abstraction and iconic imagery presenting layered connections between violent conflict, climate change, and agriculture. The paintings and sculptures are made with the experimental, primary materials of used-motor-oil and dirt from found landscape waste or fabricated in the studio. This oeuvre aims to: reveal connections between subjects and materials; allow the viewer to complete the narrative using one’s own frame of reference; and, foster dialogue about the value of humanity’s link to nature.
“Many historians, critics, and even artists such as Robert Motherwell believed that younger artists could only add a footnote to the developments of the mid-twentieth century abstractionists.  Pure abstraction has nonetheless continued as a ripe form for exploration.  Arguably, some of the most compelling works of pure abstraction in recent years have been built upon contemporary concepts or media.  In Holly Parker’s work, these two contemporary qualities are inseparable and become a means of communicating the immediacy of our era.”

Blake Milteer, Chief Curator
Fine Arts Center Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs Abstract 2009